Advisory services:

  • General advisory services regarding organizational/trust structures.
  • General advisory services in connection with the availability or applicability of any incentive, grant, concession or similar which may become engaged in, or may be interested in or eligible for.
  • Monitoring of internal control, comprising the reviewing controls, monitoring their operation and recommending improvements thereto.
  • Examination of financial and operating information – reviewing the means used to identify, measure, classify and report financial and operating information, and specific inquiry into individual items including detailed testing of transactions, balances and procedures.
  • Assistance with preparation of contracts, documentation, share incentive schemes, applications and similar.
  • Review of compliance with laws, regulations and other external requirements, and with management policies and directives and other internal requirements.

Secretarial services:

Assistance with annual company fees payable to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC).

Without taking on the responsibilities of the company secretary we will maintain the following registers and minute books in an up-to-date condition, and in the manner required by the Companies Act No.71 of 2008, of South Africa. It is your responsibility to provide us with complete, reliable and accurate information timeously, so that we can maintain these registers and minute books. The following will be maintained:

  • Register of members/shareholders.
  • Register of directors and offices.
  • Register of auditors.
  • Register of company secretary.
  • Minute books of the proceedings of general, board and statutory meetings.

On an annual basis, and if required, we will draft the following documents in connection with the adoption of the annual financial statements:

  • Minutes of a board meeting, in order to formally approve the annual financial statements for placing before the members/shareholders.
  • Notice (and, where appropriate, waiver of notice) of the annual general meeting.
  • Letters of proxy (where necessary).
  • Minutes of annual general meeting.

Where an annual general meeting will not be held, we will arrange for the signature of the directors and annual general meeting resolutions to be recorded in terms of the Companies Act.

We will be pleased to carry out any additional statutory work as and when required.